5 Proven Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone Level

We all know what is testosterone but every young boy wants to know How To Increase Testosterone Naturally. It is found in research that after the age of 40 testosterone level starts decreasing.

how to increase testosterone naturally

But there is one question that comes, why in the 20s we need to boost our testosterone level. The reason is very simple that is due to some bad habits. In young age most of the youngster having less testosterone in their body.

Due to a low testosterone level, we face so many problems like week sex drive and less muscle mass, and much more. Everything we will discuss why we are facing this problem and how to increase testosterone levels in our body.   

Due to sex-related problems and fitness-related obsession many youngsters taking artificial testosterone. These people don’t know how big a mistake they are doing due to a lack of knowledge. Because when we will start taking artificial testosterone then our body stops producing it naturally.

5 Big reasons for low testosterone in youngster

Naturally, we are good but if you do something unnatural for your body then it will give you in return back. Here are the 5 big reasons that are killing your health and sex life. Daily we are going through these situations and still, we are not focusing on them.


We all know that tension can destroy our whole life even it can kill us also. Now we need to keep it side because we will see a new face of tension. Excess tension means no proper sleep and no proper sleep means low testosterone and low testosterone means weak muscle mass and that means you are a weak person.

So if your body is producing low testosterone then you need to be more conscious because somewhere you are taking more and more tension and your sleeping pattern has been destroyed.

Extra body fat

This is a very common factor for low testosterone levels. Most people are living with a heavy load of body fat. Their body weight is out of control and they are becoming lazier.

High body fat reduces our testosterone level and stops the body to produce more testosterone. More body fat means less testosterone level this is the only true no one can ignore.

Unhealthy food

This is a very simple point anyone can understand that if you will give health to your body then your body will give you back something healthy that is an important male hormone (Testosterone).

Eating junk food and oily food can increase your cholesterol which means the main male hormone testosterone will be less produces by your body. All kinds of processed food can destroy your healthy lifestyle and as result, your body stops producing testosterone naturally.

Lazy lifestyle

When a body becomes lazy it means all body parts internal or external start doing the lazy process. So if your body starts functioning slow means all body hormones especially the male hormone will produce less by your body naturally.

So in simple words, a lazy body can’t produce testosterone naturally as a male body requires.

No physical activity

Physical activity tells the body that your body is capable of doing all functioning well. So no physical activity tends to a week body that can’t properly do its functioning.

No physical activity makes our body weak and a weak body is not capable of producing a good amount of testosterone.

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5 Big problems due to low testosterone level

Testosterone is a male hormone and if you have low testosterone then you can face multiple health-related problems. I have found out some big problems that can kill your life.

Weak sexual power

If you have low testosterone then it directly impacts your sex drive. Low testosterone in the body can destroy your complete sex life cycle. And we all know that a happy life and a healthy sex life are interconnected.

weak sexual power due to low testosterone

When due to some bad habits body stops producing testosterone naturally then overall sexual powers start decreasing. For a complete male body testosterone level should be good.

Weak muscle growth

For muscle growth or to gain strong muscle mass, the body needs a strong and high testosterone level. So it is very clear that if you have low testosterone then your muscle growth will be weak.

This is the main reason that mostly bodybuilder takes artificial testosterone to grow muscle fast and it also helps to mature their muscles fast. But it is very dangerous because taking artificial testosterone means your body will stop producing it naturally.

Poor bone health

In the human male body main hormone is testosterone and if this hormone will be low then overall body health will be weak. And this also leads to poor bone health due to less testosterone and an unhealthy body.

Hair loss

This is the biggest problem in almost 90% of people especially men. For hair loss, there are two big factors first is tension and the second is low testosterone level in the boy.

Premature hair fall

Due to some bad habits and addiction mostly young boys have low testosterone and it leads to hair loss and other health and muscle-related problems.

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Mood swings

It is obvious that if our body will be weak then our mind will also be weak. Weak body and low hormonal balance lead to mood swings. Mood swings become critical if you are going through a tough mental and health condition.

5 Proven ways to increase testosterone naturally

Now I will open 5 important pages that will tell you how to boost testosterone naturally. Follow all steps and apply them in your daily lifestyle to boost your overall health.

Ashwagandha and Shilajit to boost testosterone

If you want to increase testosterone naturally then these two natural herbs are the best source to boost testosterone level naturally. These two natural herbs Ashwagandha and Shilajit boost your testosterone in a very short period of time. Always take Shilajit in liquid form and Ashwagandha in tablet form.

ashwagandha to increase testosteroneshilajit to increase testosterone

To get good results you have to take these herbs for at least 2-3 months. After getting desired results you can take it on alternate days and then weekly and then monthly basis.

But if you are in a fitness or bodybuilding field then you should take these two herbs regularly. Because building muscle testosterone plays a very important role. And it is also true that the body can produce a limited amount of testosterone and for a limited period of time.

So for good sex life and to maintain a good physique you should take these two herbs daily. These herbs have no side effects and very cheap in price. You can take these two herbs with milk before going to sleep.

Physical activity (Compound Movements) to up testosterone level

I can explain this point in much depth because I am also a fitness freak and for the last 6 years I am in the fitness industry. So if someone asks how to increase testosterone naturally then my answer remains the same for everyone that starts physical training.

When do workout on daily basis then your body fat percentage becomes normal and your body produces testosterone naturally. But if you have a body fat percentage more than 16% then your body produces estrogen hormone, and if estrogen hormone that is female hormone increases then your male hormone testosterone decreases.

compound movement exercises

So if you want that your body produces testosterone naturally then you have to keep your body fat percentage between 8-16%, this only possible if you do physical activity like weight training, cardio, and sports, etc.

If you go to the gym daily and want to boost your testosterone naturally then you should focus on compound movement exercises. If you do compound movement exercises 3-4 days per week then you can boost your testosterone.

When you perform compound movements like bench press, squats and deadlift then your body releases testosterone naturally. So never miss compound movement exercises in the gym.

Tension-free lifestyle to balance testosterone level

If I calculate my experience, then I can tell you that tension is the biggest factor to destroy your testosterone level. All sexual and health-related problems start from your daily tension and not getting overcome those tensions.

So if you want your bodywork properly then you should start avoiding taking unnecessary tension in your life otherwise no medicine can cure you. A tension-free lifestyle is the only key to maintain hormonal balance especially male hormone(testosterone).

Take enough 7-8 hours of quality sleep and avoid taking unnecessary tension. If you can adopt these two changes in your daily life, then I can guarantee you that your life will change at 360 degrees in terms of health and sexual life.

You can also take the help of mediation because it will help you control your mind. Mediation also helps you to do what you want to do.

Food items to increase testosterone naturally

What you eat your body responds accordingly. It is our duty to give all the essential nutrients to our body. All essential nutrients are found in healthy food items.

To increase overall nutrition value, you must add some essential food items. These food items will enhance nutritional value and your body will produce all essential hormones.

foods to boost testosterone naturally

Green vegetables, beans, nuts, fatty fish, chicken, and eggs are some very healthy and nutritious food items that make your body strong and healthy with full of nutrition value.

One tip I want to add here, you should add healthy fats to your diet if you want that your body produces testosterone naturally.

Vitamins and Minerals to boost testosterone

You should add some vitamins and minerals to your diet like zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin D. You can also take any good multivitamin supplement in breakfast that will fulfill your all vitamin and mineral requirements.


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Vitamin D is most important for your body because it helps to boost your testosterone and it also helps to get good hairs and skin. Vitamin D also helps in immunity booster.

So we can see that vitamin D is very important for all health benefits and we all know the sun is the best source of vitamin D. So always try to sit in sunlight for 10-15 minutes to boost overall health quality.  

vitamin -D to boost testosterone

One question can come to your mind that why we need these vitamins and minerals, the answer is if your body is vitamins and minerals deficient then cortisol level (stress hormone) will increase in your body. And when the cortisol level increases then the testosterone level starts decreasing.

So to boost testosterone level you should take these vitamins and minerals from your food or in supplement form.

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