9 Weird Sign Of Health Problems That Are Affecting Your Body

This is 100% true that everyone is having some Health Problems. But sometimes we ignore some common health issues because we could not identify those Health Problems and symptoms. So this is very important for us to identify each and every health symptom.

health problems

So now you will get to know about 9 health symptoms that can kill your complete health. You will also get the right solution for those health problems. These 9 symptoms are very ignorable because normally we don’t take care of those health symptoms.

All health issues mentioned below are very common for those who don’t care for their health and food.

Cracking Sound In Joints

If your knees make crack sounds when you bend them or your arm joints produce crack sounds, it means you have a calcium deficiency and this is a very serious health problem. We all know that calcium is responsible for strong bones and teeth.

If your bones are weak then it becomes difficult to live after a certain age. Low calcium can also become the reason for arthritis problems.

Solution – Include milk, milk products, and peanut butter in your diet.

Your gums bleed while brushing

If your gums bleed while you are brushing your teeth it means that you have a vitamin C deficiency. Bleeding gums is not a normal problem but we ignore it normally.

So if you are getting regular bleeding from your gums then you need to focus on this problem. Because it could become a serious health problem.

Solution – Amla is the best source of vitamin C, You can also take lemon or orange and capsicum.

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Premature hair fall

If you have hair fall problem or your hairs are very rough and dry then it comes under premature hair fall. With hair fall problem If you have weak brittle nails or do you suffer from peeling cuticles, It means that you have a biotin deficiency.

Premature hair fall

Biotin deficiency can harm your hair, nails, and skin as well. Biotin made by friendly bacteria in the gut. But due to imbalance in the digestive system may lead to biotin deficiency.

Solution – Fresh curd with one spoon of sugar with an empty stomach and apple cider vinegar is the best source of biotin.

Biotin for hairs

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White spots on nails

If you have small white spots on your nails then you have a zinc deficiency. Eating Sweets made of refined grains like cakes and pastries may lead to zinc deficiency. If you have low testosterone level then it also because of zinc deficiency.

We all know that testosterone is a male hormone and if you face low testosterone problem then you have serious health issues. Low testosterone leads to slow beard growth, low muscle mass, sexual problems. So zinc deficiency may lead to many health-related problems.

Solution – Eat healthy fats like all dry fruits and seeds.


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Cracked heels

If you have cracked corners of heels or you have red-eyes problems or ulcers on lips or cracking corners of mouth then you have vitamin B deficiency.

If your nails are brownish then it is due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B deficiency is very common because you can face multiple problems like skin, hair, and digestive problems if you have Vitamin B deficiency.

Body pain, anxiety, and depression also come due to this deficiency. This happens because of our poor food choices like fast food or processed food.

Solution – Eat homemade food and add vegetables and healthy food to fulfill vitamin B deficiency.

Yellow face or dull lips

If your face is yellow or you have dull lips then these are some symptoms that shows low iron and hemoglobin deficiency. We know that iron and hemoglobin are interlinked because iron is required for making blood.

Due to low hemoglobin, our nails look whiter and this is how we can recognize this health problem.

Solution – Start using iron kadhai for cooking food and some fruits like beetroot, carrot, pomegranate, and apple these are the best sources to increase hemoglobin. Regular exercise also helps to increase hemoglobin.


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Puffy eyes or loss of eyebrow

If you have a puffy eye problem or loss of eyebrows then the root cause of these problems is thyroid. Because thyroid gland regulates the metabolism and it also makes sure that how your body is utilizing carbs, fat, and protein.

So if your thyroid gland is in a problem then it tends to nutrient deficiency. It may cause serious health issues.

Solution – Eat fresh food and do regular exercise.

Back pain or depression

If you get back pain regularly then you need to fulfill the vitamin D requirement of your body. If you got depressed on every single problem then you may also have vitamin D deficiency.

Muscle loss is another sign of vitamin D deficiency because if you have vitamin D deficiency then your testosterone level will be low and muscle mass totally depends on testosterone level.

Solution – To fulfill vitamin D deficiency you need to consume early morning sunlight and you can add fish, whole egg, and red meat to your food.


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Wrinkles or dry skin problem

If you have any skin related problem then you have vitamin E deficiency. But due to vitamin E deficiency, you may have multiple problems like headache, liver problem that leads to stomach pain and bloating.

You may also have a weak immune system due to this deficiency.

Solution – Eat green vegetables and fresh juice and add nuts and seeds to your daily food.


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