About Us

Pavan Rathaur

Hi, Everyone

My name is Pavan Rathaur and I am active since 2018 as a fitness and grooming coach. The motive behind this website is to provide you best content that helps you in your fitness and grooming.


Our motive is very simple, We just want to provide the best content with proper research and the right products that are beneficial for you. Whatever products you see on AestheticGrooming is imported from amazon.in and we get a small commission from your purchase.


We are not interested in spamming any boring or lame products at you that is why we mention useful and filtered products inside our post.


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What I do for Healthy Nutrition?

I always do proper research for my client because without knowing his/her exact problem I can't suggest any mean our nutrition plan. So I treat my clients like I am going to follow that meal plan or workout plan.

  • Develop meal plans

  • Nutritional science research

  • Clients health needs

  • Reports the patient progress