How To Successfully Complete Your Transformation | The Mindset

There comes a point in every fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, gym goer & athletes’ life when they are terribly out of form and shape. This could be a result of an injury, busy lifestyle, unprecedented time such as Covid-19, etc.

Even though the person would have been at his peak but such circumstances may force any individual to be on a backfoot. Thus, the need to get back in shape, transform oneself and be the best version of yourself arises.


Transformation is a limited period through which an athlete or an individual tries to achieve their goal which could be to gain more muscles, lose fat, increase endurance, etc.

A transformation does not go on for more than 3-4 months which is why a person may lose his focus midway and end up not achieving their desired results. There could be a lot of factors that may restrict you to focus on your goals and targets which are –

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Excessive intake of Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Work pressure
  • Unprecedented Situation
  • Family Issues
  • Injuries

Apart from the above, there could be a number of more reasons. Through my past experience and previous transformation, I have realized that the way to successfully transform your physique is the mindset with which one starts the transformation.

A laid-back attitude can never help you to achieve your dream physique. Thus, I would be talking about the Mindset during a transformation to achieve your dream physique.

How To Build Right Mindset During Body Transformation ?

1. Atomic habits

Atomic habits help to build the mindset and attitude towards life. Waking up and sleeping on time could be a minor habit but in long term, this habit can have a good influence on your overall health. On the contrary, Late nights and late morning can have a bad effect on your overall mind and body.

You tend to feel tired even after sleeping for 8 hours. Thus, it is very important to adopt a few atomic habits in your life such as sleeping schedule, eating habits, etc. in order to keep your mind and body healthy.

2. Work-Life balance

Work-Life balance helps you to relax your body and mind in a way that instead of worrying about your job can cause to have headaches, hair loss, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Thus, one should always manage their work and life in order to keep oneself happy and spend ample time with their friends and family. 

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3. Small Steps at a time

Small Steps at a time can lead to a very huge difference. Instead of worrying about reaching your dream physique as soon as possible by using steroids or supplements, one must focus on building a Physique that is healthy from outside as well as inside.

Thus, you should focus on setting short terms goals instead of getting adored into steroids.  The below image perfectly sums up of taking small steps regularly can lead to a huge difference.

transformation factor

4. Routine

Routine help you to keep a track of your exercises and nutrition. One must try to workout at least 4-5 times a week depending on their goals. A routine builds a regularity and a regularity help you immensely to achieve your goals.

Many more facts added to above, helps you to build a mindset that nothing is impossible to achieve. We can take inspiration from Hritik Roshan who achieved an amazing physique for his movie. He talks about same thing, the Mindset. Anyone can achieve anything if his mindset is positive and has a pre-planned map in front of him which will help you achieve anything.

All set and done, how to develop this Mindset is the major concern. Your develop your attitude throughout your life. Thus, in order to build a positive Mindset, you should surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook towards their life and are actually doing something creative, positive and good for the society. Your friend circle’s attitude effects your attitude the most. Choose good friends!

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Exercise & Nutrition

Any transformation involves a combination of Exercise & Nutrition. There are a number of Exercise schedule that you can follow which may be –

  • Push/Pull /Legs – This routine involves doing Push movement on one day, Pull on another and legs workout on the third day and repeat this again. Thus, you train your every body part twice in one week. Example, In Push movement- you work on triceps, chest and shoulder. In Pull movement- you work on your back and biceps and in Legs you work on Quads, Hamstrings and Calf muscles. This is not a beginner level workout routine. It can be done by someone who has at least 6-8 months of experience.
  • Single Body Part – It consists of training one muscle every day. So, you train all your muscles only one time in a week. This routine is good for beginners as they are new to gym and need to build some muscles before they can start with intermediate routines.
  • Double Body Part – Instead of one muscle you work train two muscles in one day. This is a bit different from Push / Pull / Legs as you don’t have to necessarily do Push movement or Pull movement only. You can work with your trainer and develop a routine. The one which I have followed is: 

Monday – Legs & Shoulder

Tuesday – Chest & Abs

Wednesday – Biceps & Triceps

Thursday – Back & Shoulder

Friday- Legs & Abs

Saturday- Chest & Cardio

** You can make modifications to the above and train your weak muscle twice.

Nutrition For Transformation

It is very important to intake good Carbs, Fats and protein as per your body requirement to build and maintain your muscles. 50% calories should be from Carbs, 30% from protein & 20% from good fats. 

Carbohydrates Sources – Oats, Bread ( Roti ), Rice, Porridge ( Daliya ), Potato, Sweet potato, etc.

Protein Sources – Chicken, Eggs, Nutrela Chunks, Paneer, Soya, Fish, Broccoli,  Beans ( Rajma, Chole ), pulses, etc.

Fat Sources – Nuts, Seeds, Fish oil, etc.

Designing a balanced Workout routine with good Nutrition will help you achieve your dream Physique. Just remember, that having a positive mindset would keep you focused on your goals! 

The right mindset is very important for transformation to achieve your dream physique. If you liked this Transformation article then share it with your friends and family members who need this information.

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